Austrian Business Agency – Who we are & what we do?

Datum objave: 03.11.2023

Who are we?

WORK in AUSTRIA brings international specialists together with companies operating in Austria and advises international talents and their families on the issue of living and working in Austria.

The department WORK in AUSTRIA belongs to the national agency Austrian Business Agency (ABA) which, among others, makes Austria attractive to international companies and supports

international film productions.

WORK in AUSTRIA along with its supporting services is legally embedded in law. As a subsidiary of the Federal Ministry for Labour and Economy, ABA provides all services free of charge.

How can we help? 

  • Information on the topic of living and working in Austria

There is a lot to take into consideration when relocating abroad. A clearly structured and comprehensive collection of information offers you a guide to orient yourself and provides you with many practical tips and instructions.  

  • Nationwide job platform for highly qualified skilled workers

Austria offers many opportunities on the job market. Find attractive job offers, especially in the fields of ICT, metal technology, electrical engineering and life sciences. 

  • Customised consultations, reaching from A for the Austrian Settlement and Residence Act to R for the Red-White-Red – Card and V for visas

The online platform Immigration Guide Austria provides answers to important questions about working in Austria, staying in Austria, living in Austria, family reunification, employment of foreigners and more. 

  • The Essential Guide to Living and Working in Austria

The Essential Guide is a comprehensive reference work for international skilled workers who are new to Austria. In the chapters “About Austria”, “Living”, “Working”, “Health” and “Education” you can find out more about important questions you may have

Why Austria?

 Austria offers more than beautiful landscapes and historical backdrops. Above all, employees benefit from innovative companies as well as an outstanding social security system and medical care. In addition, the strong business location Austria stands out thanks to its excellent quality of life, not least because of the diverse range of cultural and leisure activities.

 Which language skills are required?

The language skills required depend on what industry you are in. Specifically in the ICT industry, where there is currently the greatest demand for employees, not knowing German is not an obstacle. In fact, a good knowledge of English is enough. There are numerous examples of Austrian companies, large and small, that have English as their official company language. Most of them are companies that are multi-cultural and that mostly work on the international market.

Of course, knowledge of the local language, no matter where you are, greatly facilitates everyday life, but it is by no means crucial for living and working in Austria. Many companies invest in the education of their employees, including learning the German language.

How can I work in Austria?

 The first step in launching one’s professional career in Austria is a complete and accurate application. The job platform was explicitly launched to bring qualified international talents together with companies operating in Austria.


If you have set your sights on a job in Austria you can find application tips on our website: